The wildlife art and Photography of Caroline Debansi - About the artist


I am a self taught artist working in a variety of media. My early years were spent painting horse portraits. I became an active member of The Wildlife Art Society organising exhibitions and running several regional groups. I have exhibited in regional and National art exhibitions and have been Artist in residence on a number of occaisions at the world renowned Nature in Art Museum in Gloucester.

 The art I produce ranges from realistic to contemporary abstract and is inspired by the patterns in nature and by specific behaviour and gesture that I have observed first hand in the field. I strive to keep each painting fresh and original, drawing on the connection between what I see and my emotive response so as to retain my own unique individuality of style in each new piece.

         Since the late nineties I have been taking small group safaris annually to Botswana and I spend part of each year in the western cape which has become a second home to me.  My most recent travels have taken me to the north and south america to explore the stunning landscapes and wildlife that is to be found there. 

update.....Having spent recent years travelling overseas and focusing on Private commissions and projects I am now in the process of producing a new body of work. Fieldwork has become an essential part of my travels and I find I have been developing a much looser style  which is different from the images currently being shown here.  I look forward to sharing this new work soon, so please watch this space!


           Caroline Debansi


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